Climate Change in India & The World

By Anupriya

Climate change is the result of anthropogenic activities such as industrialisation, construction, technological developments, riskless extraction of minerals etc. All the above-mentioned activities are required to full fill the human requirements. In the pace of fulfilling their requirements, humans are forgetting, how to protect the earth which is the life of humans.

Climate change is going to destroy the earth, temperature increases because of global warming, this will lead to the melting of glaciers and the natural ecosystem will be affected. Flora & Fauna, Agricultural products all get affected because of this changing climate. Its repercussions are very dangerous for the economy, society and for upcoming generations.

Melting glacier

As India is a nation of diversity in terms of vegetation, flora & fauna, but change in climate reduces the diverse ecosystem We face delayed monsoons, hotter summers, and delayed western disturbances (reason for late snowfall in J&K) these are going to impact humans in long run.

To reduce the effect of climate change, India & rest of the World are coming together and initiating many programmes such as the Kyto-protocol, Paris Conference, G-20 Summit, Cop 28 etc.

India is targeting 2070 to become zero carbon emitting nation and focusing more on alternate Sources of energy such as solar energy, hydrogen power plants, and Nuclear energy. India has also headed the Solar Alliance to bring the nations on a common platform to mitigate Carbon emissions.

Therefore, to protect the earth & life, we humans are the only best option. No single organisation, government, or institution could reduce this inevitable climate change. A small effort from everyone can save this planet from further destruction.

We should use public transport systems, reduce plastic use, stop wasting water, stop deforestation and protect & conserve our ecosystem. Then only we can hope for Earth to be a sustainable planet after 100-150 years.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change in India & The World”

  1. “I totally agree with your words. We humans are the only reason for all these issues. It’s our duty and responsibility to work on that. Everyone should come forward and make a change by stopping the use of plastic bags, planting more and more plants, and please, yes, please, stop wasting water. Thank you, Anupriya, we genuinely need people like you to spread awareness like this more.”

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