women empowerment

Women Empowerment

Empowering women means empowering the nation. Half of the population of our nation are women. As humans all have equal rights, to avail themselves the opportunities in a patriarchal mindset society, there is a need to empower women with economic freedom, education, gender equality, political participation etc.


Climate Change in India & The World

Climate change is the result of anthropogenic activities such as industrialisation, construction, technological developments, riskless extraction of minerals etc. All the above-mentioned activities are required to full fill the human requirements. In the pace of fulfilling their requirements, humans are forgetting, how to protect the earth which is the life of humans

Notes and Questions

Physics Chemistry Biology Physics Week 1 Units Week 2 Chemistry Week 1 Matter Week 2 Separation of mixtures Biology week 1 Cells Week 2 cells and its organelles   


A derivative is a mathematical tool used to find the ratio between two quantities like – Distance and Time, Force and Area, in general, it is a ratio between y and x (where y and x are two quantities not necessarily different).  This tool helps to find ratios even if the change is infinitesimally small.   …

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CBSE class 12 maths integration important questions 2022

CBSE class 12 maths integration chapter in the new syllabus will come in 2nd term. Here is all the information you need. Important questions, previously asked questions, solutions. Integration chapter 7 of NCERT Maths book class 12 is one of the important exercises from exam point of view. The new revised syllabus 2022 is divided …

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