women empowerment

Women Empowerment

By Anupriya

Empowering women means empowering the nation. Half of the population of our nation are women. As humans all have equal rights, to avail themselves the opportunities in a patriarchal mindset society, there is a need to empower women with economic freedom, education, gender equality, political participation etc.

Many social reformers supported the rights of women, such as Raja Ram Mohan Ray, Jyoti Rao Phule, Vidyasagar and many more. Today Indian government and State governments have also started many initiatives to support women empowerment.”

Women empowerment

Education:- Education is the only weapon which Can make anyone understand their rights and they can raise their voices; Initiatives like- Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Samagra Siksha Abhiyaan, Reservation for girl candidates in institutions, appreciation prizes of Rs. 50,000 after graduation in Bihar, Sukanya Yojna etc

Gender Equality – To uplift women’s status Government gives reservations in government jobs, Colleges and other higher educational institutions

Political Representation – Women’s Representation in politics gives voice to the rights of women. In male dominant political society, women need more support to come forward. Recently the central government announced 33% reservation for women in Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies. Local elections have women such as Panchayat election, and Municipality elections have women reservations to bring them into the mainstream of society.

nirmala sitaraman a powerful indian politician

Rules & Regulation – Many laws and Acts are implemented to protect women from domestic violence, discrimination, and harassment. The Dowry Prohibition Act is also one of the major steps to protect the dignity of women.

In spite of all the rules and reservation policies, women’s self-reliance and support of families, society and individuals is important. If everyone feels that human rights should be protected at any cost, then there is no need for rules and regulations to empower women.

“Give them education and make them financially independent uplift a nation to its utmost extent.

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  1. “Every woman should be Financially secure first”!🥇I feel every woman deserves to stand on her own feet before anything else.💪🏻

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