Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges

In the technological enhancement of the world, Digital India is the need of the hour. To become a globalised nation digitisation of the economy and education is required. Whether a product or knowledge both get a new platform to reach any part of a nation and world.

In India, the revolution of mobile phones has proven itself. Despite this, digitisation is a serious issue since a large section of the population is unable to handle digital machines. Easy handling and operation of mobile phones help a lot in digital transactions, online shopping, online classes, entertainment, daily News access etc. The complicated office works are easily handled by digitization, easy access to records, and issues of papers.

Digitization saves both the time and money of humankind. It also plays a crucial role in environmental protection by reducing the use of paper, whether cashless transactions or e-books. Once a book is available on the internet then it is easily accessible to millions of people.

But the problem starts when we look at those sections of society, who have no access to electronic gadgets. In many regions of the country, internet facilities are still poor, without them onboard the digital nation is not possible. Digital security is also an issue, many government websites and people’s social media accounts are being hacked.

To overcome these drawbacks of digit digitization more concrete measures are required

  • All digital platforms should abide by a set of rules and regulations.
  • Collaboration with international organization and have a synergyfic step to affirm security.
  • Technological enhancement which should be tough to hack.
  • Government should spread the internet facilities to last mile to make it a reality for everyone.
  • Subridiary for internet & electronic gadgets.
  • Awarenes programmes about confidenciality of digital Ids and Passwords.

To achieve this goal, collaborations between government and private players are important Then the future we hope of will be safe & secure.

14 thoughts on “Digital India: Opportunities and Challenges”

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